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    Errors and omissions, inaccurate inventory

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About the Company

Yuancang Overseas Warehouse is the exclusive warehouse brand of Shenzhen Yuanchao Logistics Technology Co., LTD. The core management team has more than ten years of cross-border e-commerce warehousing management experience. Headquartered in South China City, Shenzhen, Yuan Cang has completed 2 rounds of financing. It has built domestic cargo transshipment warehouse and cross-border direct delivery warehouse. Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore have set up warehousing and logistics supporting services.

E-commerce order fulfillment is the core business of Yuancang Overseas Warehouse, which can provide integrated services including domestic direct shipment, cargo collection and transfer, trunk logistics, customs clearance and delivery in destination country, delivery of final delivery, return and order replacement, etc. Yuancang strives to continuously improve the performance quality and performance capacity, and continue to provide cross-border sellers with cost-effective and deterministic cross-border logistics solutions and reduce logistics costs.

  • 10 years +

    First-line industry experience

  • 450000㎡+

    Experience in cross-border position opening management

  • 1 million +

    Daily average can handle millions of orders

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Adhering to the purpose of continuously improving operational efficiency, reducing customer operating costs, and improving customer satisfaction, we base on the advantages of local deep cultivation, enabling Chinese brands to successfully go overseas.